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How it Works

4-week intensive online training will help you develop technical and communication skills for a successful career in QA.

We will make your resume and post it on job sites with proper keywords so you could get tons of calls from recruiters.

Live classes are weekly Sunday to Thursday 9:30–11:30 PM Eastern. After each lesson students get handouts and recording.

You will learn how to search for a job effectively, answer interview questions and significantly increase chances of getting hired.

1:1 support and mentoring. Students can ask questions during the lessons or after them. Even after the course is over.

Study first, pay us later. No student loans, no debt, and you won't pay a tuition until you land a job making at least $50k a year.


Over 50 hours
Lessons 1–2
Software QA Foundations

Career and job market overview. Quality assurance and manual testing basics. Software development life cycle. Bug life cycle. Jira bug tracking system. User interface testing. Client-server architecture. BrowserStack for manual testing.

Lessons 3–5
Web Application Testing

Types of testing. Reporting bugs in JIRA. Chrome DevTools (Inspector). Waterfall, agile, and scrum approaches. Test cases. Writing test cases, based on a product requirements document. TestRail. Students test web application, write test cases and bug reports.

Lessons 6–8
Mobile Application Testing

iOS and Android apps. Xcode and Android Studio for manual testing. App install and uninstall. Log files. Exceptions, crashes, errors. Screenshots and video recording for bug reporting. Students test mobile application, write test cases, and report bugs in Jira bug tracking system.

Lessons 9–10
Advanced Skills

Unix and ADB commands. Charles Proxy. Continuous Integration. Jenkins. Databases. SQL. Writing simple SQL queries.
Bonus: Introduction to API testing. REST API. Formats of transporting data. JSON. HTTP Verbs. Request and response, headers, status codes.

Lessons 11–15
Preparing for the Job Market

Job market situation in your area. Preparing your resume and story. Creating a solid LinkedIn profile. Effective search and applying with job sites and LinkedIn. Job market skills and hacks. Practicing interview questions and answers. Review of the previous lessons. 
Start of the internship — 1 week, 20 hours

Our instructors

Max Glubochansky

QA engineer of 6 years at Apple, Intel and other Silicon Valley companies

Svetlana Levinsohn

7 years of experience in all kinds of manual and automated testing

Natalia Atif

QA lead of 10 years at Intel, Apple and other Silicon Valley companies

+ Guest instructors from Facebook, Google and other top IT companies.

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